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Surf Coast Chiropractic has been operating in the Torquay area for many years.  The practice has a strong focus on providing high quality spinal health care for people of all ages.  Our chiropractors are experienced and highly trained.  We have affiliated practices located in Bendigo and Surrey Hills.

Dr. Michael Sexton
B.App.Sc. (Chiro)


Dr Michael Sexton has more than 25 years experience as a chiropractor and practises in both Surrey Hills and Torquay. Michael has a wife and four children with a strong connection to the Surf Coast. Michael's key interest is in educating people about the important roles the spine and nervous system play in determining our wellbeing. Additionally, Michael has considerable experience working with elite athletes at the highest level in various sports, particularly AFL.

Dr. Benjamin Tipper
B.App.Sc. (Chiro)


Dr Benjamin Tipper has been practising in Torquay for many years and is now spending more time in his city practice as family commitments keep him closer to home. Ben is passionate about providing holistic health care options for the entire family and in addition has a particular interest in providing high quality care to sportspeople of all abilities and all ages. While Ben is now spending less time practising in Torquay, he maintains a strong attachment to the area.

Surf Coast Chiropractic


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