We believe exercise is perhaps the single best health care intervention you can use to improve your overall wellbeing.  At Surf Coast Chiropractic we are now offering specifically tailored individual exercise classes to boost your health and fitness. Our philosophy and style of training is based around ‘functional fitness’ – this involves movement patterns that will be beneficial to your day-to-day life. We make use of equipment that supports this style of training such as suspension trainers, medicine balls, sleds, kettlebells and most importantly your very own body weight. When committing to personal training sessions at Surf Coast Chiropractic you can expect your fitness, strength, power, endurance and confidence to be taken to a whole new level. Sessions will always be results focused, however we never forget to add an element of fun and enjoyment with plenty of opportunity to challenge yourself whilst having a bit of a laugh!

Note: We are currently only running one on one training sessions due to covid-19 and will re introduce group classes when appropriate.

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