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Neck Pain

Neck pain and stiffness is one of the more common problems our chiropractors near Jan Juc are presented with.  It is little wonder when you consider how our modern lifestyle often involves too much sitting, too much time in front of a screen and too much stress.


Unfortunately the problem is often ignored or masked with medication for years before the underlying issues are actually addressed. The causes are many and sometimes complex and the onset often begins in the growing years when children spend hours with their head forward over phones and other devices.  


Our highest priority at Surf Coast Chiropractic is promoting spinal health in children because the growing years are so important in the development of healthy patterns of posture and movement.


If your child has neck pain, headaches or if you are concerned about their posture, consider speaking to one of our chiropractors near Jan Juc.  We use a wide range of techniques appropriate for each stage of life.


Our Torquay chiropractors often hear parents concerns about their child’s forward head posture and rounded shoulders.  While these concerns are usually justified, parents are sometimes not aware of their children mirroring their own postural problems. Being a good role model for your children in regard to posture is important, just as it is for other aspects of life. 


A key part of our message is that you don’t have to live a perfectly healthy lifestyle in all ways, however making consistent conscious effort to move toward balance and not away from it will pay great long term dividends in regard to your health and wellbeing.  The default pattern is generally to become stiffer, more forward and rounded as we age, however there are simple things we can do to prevent or minimise this.

The golden rule for a healthy spine is sit less and move more.













Organise regular breaks from your desk or screen. Regular exercise is essential.  Simply walking more is great start and our chiropractors can show you more specific exercises to help improve posture, relieve neck pain and headaches and strengthen your spine.


At Surf Coast Chiropractic we see ourselves as more than a neck pain, we know that improving the way you move has so many other health benefits.  After all, as humans we are movement machines and the better we move, the healthier we are.


We understand neck pain, we know how it affects your life and we are here to help.


Our chiropractors will perform a thorough assessment involving a detailed history of your presenting condition, a full examination of your spine and an easy to understand explanation of our findings.


Not all cases of neck pain and headache are best managed by a chiropractor.  If your condition requires a different approach or further assessment, we will direct you appropriately.


We will ensure you are always informed and actively involved in your care.

people experience in today’s sedentary, screen focussed and often stressful environment.   Many people learn to live with the symptoms of neck pain for some time before seeking any care beyond simple pain relief medication.


Like, low back pain, the causes of neck pain can be complex.  However, common contributing factors may include poor posture, prolonged periods sitting at a desk or in front of a screen, stress, degenerative change in the cervical spine, muscle imbalance and tightness in the neck and shoulders.


Our current lifestyle is often not conducive to good spinal health.  Stress levels are high, we spend excessive time hunched over screens, many of us do not get enough exercise and nutrition is often poor.


Coupled with the above factors is a tendency for people to give little regard to the health of their neck, or spine in general, until we experience symptoms….and even then, our first instinct is often to mask the symptoms with medication and do nothing to address the cause of the problem.


Our chiropractors at Surf Coast Chiropractic have many years’ experience in dealing with the many presentations of neck pain and disability.  We conduct thorough and specific examinations aimed at identifying the underlying cause of the neck pain symptoms and determine the best approach to reduce neck pain, improve function and minimise the likelihood of recurrence.

Our approach to managing neck pain will vary depending on each individual case and may also be partly determined by your preferences.


Our chiropractors near Jan Juc are highly skilled in performing specific, gentle and effective spinal adjustments aimed at improving movement and relieving neck pain and muscle spasm.


We will often utilise various soft tissue techniques or massage therapy to release neck and shoulder muscle tension and improve function. 


We place a strong emphasis on exercise as part of our treatment approach.  We believe that the care provided in our practice is important, however, so too is the home care and lifestyle advice we prescribe to ensure a more complete and lasting recovery. Stretching, strengthening and rehabilitation exercises are often recommended to improve the strength, movement, posture and resilience of your spine.


Our chiropractors at Surf Coast Chiropractic have been providing effective neck pain treatment to people experiencing neck pain and headache near Jan Juc for many years.  Our practice is located at 23A Pearl St, Torquay, next door to the post office and we have affiliated practices in Bendigo and Surrey Hills.


If you are looking for a neck pain clinic near Jan Juc call us on 5261 7438, contact us via email or book online for an appointment or to further discuss your condition with a chiro.

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