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About us

At Surf Coast Chiropractic we are a team of chiropractors in Torquay committed to helping you move better, feel better and live healthier.

Our practice has been serving the Torquay and Surf Coast area for many years.  We offer chiropractic care, massage therapy, podiatry, personal training and exercise classes.

We are located next door to the Post Office in the heart of Torquay at 23A Pearl St  and we have affiliated practices located in Bendigo and Surrey Hills.

Our Chiropractors

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Dr Bridget Houlden
Chiropractor & Director

Dr Bridget Houlden grew up in a family of chiropractors in Bendigo and this shaped her philosophy on health and life in general.  On finishing her chiropractic studies at RMIT in Melbourne, Bridget ventured to the UK to sit her board exams and practice in London, before spending time in a busy paediatric and pregnancy-focused chiropractic centre in Newcastle, NSW.  Bridget loves adjusting kids, babies and pregnant mums. She is constantly striving to learn more to better serve the community, and is currently undertaking a post-graduate Functional Neurology Program.

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Dr Michael Sexton
Chiropractor & Director 

Dr Michael Sexton has more than 25 years experience as a chiropractor and practises in both Surrey Hills and Torquay. Michael has a wife and four children with a strong connection to the Surf Coast. Michael's key interest is in educating people about the important roles the spine and nervous system play in determining our wellbeing. Additionally, Michael has considerable experience working with elite athletes at the highest level in various sports, particularly AFL.

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Dr Benjamin Tipper

Dr Benjamin Tipper has been a Torquay chiropractor for many years and is now spending more time in his city practice as family commitments keep him closer to home. Ben is passionate about providing holistic health care options for the entire family and in addition has a particular interest in providing high quality care to sportspeople of all abilities and all ages. While Ben is no longer doing regular hours in Torquay, he maintains a strong attachment to the area.

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Dr Joe Kuriel
Chiropractor & Personal Trainer

Dr Joe Kuriel has more than 20 years experience following his passion in the health and fitness industry.  Joe has recently moved to the Surf Coast region with his wife and two children to practise as a chiro in Torquay, attracted by an environment that offers many options to create an active, healthy and balanced lifestyle.  Joe is committed to continuing his professional development, frequently attending education courses, workshops and seminars.  He is highly regarded by his clients as an outstanding, passionate chiropractor and also as a motivator and educator in health, fitness and lifestyle.  Joe is currently available for consultation on Saturdays.


Chiropractic care for all ages


At Surf Coast Chiropractic we provide chiropractic care appropriate for all ages.


One of our highest priorities is promoting spinal health in children. The growing years are the most important in the development of healthy posture and movement. Poor habits and postures established during childhood can often last a lifetime.  At Surf Coast Chiropractic we are committed to helping children grow with better posture and stronger, healthier spines.


Many factors influence the health of our spine as we grow, such as knocks and falls during sport and slouched posture in front of screens. Particularly in this digital age, our children are constantly in postures that compromise spinal health.  Addressing spine related problems when they occur is an effective approach to ensuring good spinal health throughout life.


  Many people are surprised to learn that chiropractors also see babies. However, when you consider babies can sometimes experience significant spinal stress even with a relatively normal birth process, it makes good sense.  When required, our chiropractors use extremely gentle techniques to ensure the infant's spine is balanced and moving well.

As many mothers will know, pregnancy can be a particularly challenging time for your spine.  We encourage pregnant mothers to consider chiropractic care as a way of maintaining good spinal support and balance as well as relieving pain and increasing comfort during pregnancy.

At the other end of life, appropriate chiropractic care may offer all the usual benefits of care with a particular emphasis on maintaining good posture and movement, an essential component of ageing well.  


Our chiropractors in Torquay have  5 years of university based education and are trained to use a wide range of techniques appropriate for each stage of life.

If you are looking for a chiro in Torquay for you and your family you can now  book online.


Back pain treatment Torquay

Spinal health and general wellbeing

We believe there are significant health benefits in maintaining optimal spinal health throughout life.  We have a strong focus on helping people relieve symptoms as quickly as possible, however we are equally committed to promoting greater wellbeing by optimising the health and function of your spine and nervous system.

We believe care of your spine should start in the growing years when patterns of posture and movement are developing that may last a lifetime.

We recommend a lifestyle approach to health care.  We aim to work with your body, not against it.  We promote the philosophy of nature first and the basic guidelines of eating well, moving well and thinking well.


Chiropractic for runners
Back pain treatment in Torquay
A stronger spine with chiropractic
Living a healthy life
Better natural health
Natural health

Back Pain

As chiropractors a significant part of our work is managing low back pain.  We understand back pain, we know how it affects your life and we are here to help. 


Neck Pain

Neck pain and stiffness is one of the most common ailments people experience in today’s sedentary, screen focused and often stressful environment.   Many people learn to live with the symptoms of neck pain for some time before seeking any care beyond simple pain relief medication.


One of the more common reasons people seek chiropractic care is for the treatment of headache and migraine.  The actual cause of headache in an individual can be due to various factors occurring separately or in combination.


Neck problems are often associated with headache. Stiff joints in the cervical spine, tight muscles, worn bones and postural strain can irritate important nerves in the neck and refer pain to the head.


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