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Low back pain


Surf Coast Chiropractic is much more than just a back pain clinic, however as chiropractors, a significant part of our work will always be managing low back pain.  In fact, research tells us that low back pain is perhaps the most common reason people seek help from any health care professional.


At Surf Coast Chiropractic our Torquay chiropractors are highly qualified with a 5 year university based education and have many years experience in managing acute and chronic low back pain and associated problems such as sciatica. 


A strong focus of our care is identifying the underlying cause of your back pain.  Once this is determined, an appropriate course of action can be implemented to ensure that relief from pain is achieved as quickly as possible and the chance of recurrence is minimised.


Low back pain can be a very complex condition, often brought about by an accumulation of contributing factors. Some of these factors can be obvious, such as sports injuries and other traumas, poor posture, sedentary lifestyle and inadequate muscle support.  However, back pain may also have other biopsychosocial factors which complicate recovery and contribute to chronicity.


A key part of our approach is helping you understand your condition better so that you can be actively involved in your care and take the right steps toward relieving your pain as quickly as possible and preventing its return.


We understand back pain, we know how it affects your life and we are here to help.


Our assessment will involve a detailed history of your presenting condition, a thorough examination of your spine and an easy to understand explanation of our findings.


Not every case of back pain is best managed by a chiropractor.  If your condition requires a different approach or further assessment elsewhere, we are well positioned to direct you appropriately.


We will ensure that you are always well informed and actively involved in your care.


Our approach to managing back pain will vary depending on each individual case and may also be partly determined by your preferences.


Our chiropractors in Torquay are highly skilled in performing specific, gentle and effective spinal adjustments aimed at improving movement and relieving pain and muscle spasm.


We may utilise various soft tissue techniques or massage therapy to release muscle tension and improve function. 


We place a strong emphasis on exercise as part of our treatment approach.  We believe that the care provided in our practice is important, however so too is the home care and lifestyle advice we prescribe to ensure a more complete and lasting recovery. Stretching, strengthening and rehabilitation exercises are often recommended to improve the strength, movement and resilience of your spine.


Our chiropractors at Surf Coast Chiropractic have been providing effective treatment to people experiencing low back pain in Torquay for many years.  Our practice is located at 23A Pearl St in Torquay, next door to the post office, and we have affiliated practices in Bendigo and Surrey Hills.


If you are looking for a back pain clinic in Torquay, call us on 5261 7438contact us via email or book online for an appointment or to further discuss your condition.

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